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Reiki Life Coaching

Life Coaching = Talk Therapy
Reiki Healing = Body Therapy
Combined= Mind & Body Together in Healing

Talk Therapy is limited to language, while Reiki as the unconscious, has no limitations. The mind stimulates the nervous system, your ability to handle stress. Your nervous system activates cortisol to keep you on high alert. With high cortisol levels in the body, it leads to a disruption in your health! "The Body Keeps The Score" Bessel van de Kolk


You have had a Traumatic event, a year or 5 or 10, or 30 even 40 years ago. You did talk therapy and think you've healed all those effects. Your mind has changed your thoughts regarding the Trauma, But you have physical issues lingering. Those issues could be linked to that Trauma. Trauma's psychological effects are noticed first and can disrupt the day-to-day life with depression, anxiety, anger, fear, flashbacks and paranoia. This leads to PTSD. The physical effects may include aches and pains, fatigue, alcoholism, heart disease, among many other issues. Living with these issues without healing them, can be toxic. Healing energy of Reiki Life Coaching will assist you to find the underlying root cause of the issues. For example, back issues may be related to not feeling supported or not safe. Intuitively Reiki Life Coaching will unlock your limited beliefs created by the Trauma. If this resonates with what you are going through or feeling, Book a consult with me to become clear on what you can achieve to Finally Heal from the Trauma... Body, Mind and Soul!

"Trauma comes back as a reaction, not a memory!"

Bessel van der Kolk

About Me


Who am I?

I've been there too! ...mentally/emotionally abused, multiple betrayals, divorced, health issues, single parent, grief of a parent...Have had my fair share of Trauma!

Just barely surviving, when all I wanted was to Thrive!

I questioned, "Will I ever feel good again?"or "How do I get pat this pain and move forward?"

Good News!

There is hope and I found it!

When I was experiencing all the Trauma, I found Reiki Energy Healing! It helped connect me to my Higher Self. I found healing through this modality. My higher self who is strong, safe, trusting, worthy and confident! All the characteristics that Trauma robs you of! It also healed my physical issues due to the effects of Trauma. Finding my intuition also brought me to doing Angel Card Readings, then on to Life Coaching. I realized all three of these combined help to heal the mental/emotional and physical effects of Trauma  stored in the body. Reiki Life Coaching combines Talk Therapy, which is limited to language, with Reiki energy healing to unlock Trauma! This healing has brought my life to balance and allowed me to Thrive. I invite you to experience this as well. I also take my Therapy Dog Grace to do therapy at a Galisano Childrens Hospital. It truly is an amazing experience!

"The AARTT of Thriving, Becoming the Master of Your Life©"

How would you like to be the Master of your life??

Be able to have the knowhow to gain control over the effects Trauma has on you....

Be able to finally release all those feelings weighing you down...

Be able to transform your life from "just living" to "Thriving in Life" !!

What would that mean to you???

Less stress and worry...

Find more joy in life...

Free from trauma attachment...

Ability to manage your feelings!

 If this all sounds like what you are looking for, let's chat!

Book your strategy call with me today and get started!


           "The AARTT  of Thriving,                Becoming the Master of Your Life!"©

Coaching Program!



Gentle Angels guide you through finding answers to your most plaguing questions. Life Purpose, Angel Healing, Romance, Soul Purpose, even Heaven's guidance are among some of the decks available. The Angels and Guides send guidance through Light and Love! Offering 3,6, 12 month readings. 



Reiki Life Coaching bridges the gap of Healing Trauma. Life coaching, talk therapy, opens the mind to realizing the mental/emotional effect of Trauma. Reiki, body therapy, opens the subconscious to release and heal Trauma stored in the body. The mind can heal through changing our thoughts, while the body may not be so easy to forget. The body may not show symptoms till months or years later. Symptoms may include, depression, headaches, backaches, and adrenal fatigue. Those long term issues wreak havoc on the entire body. The benefits include, Deep relaxed breathing = lungs, calmer adrenal glands, improved gut function and balanced Vagus Nerve!



Reiki is "Universal-Life-Force-Energy". Rei- is universal; spiritual consciousness; all knowing. Ki- is life force energy flowing through all things. Reiki is a Japanese technique for channeling that energy to someone for the reduction of stress and relaxation which promotes healing. Reiki energy balances the body through energy centers called "chakras". When the body/chakras are in balance energy flows freely. When the body/chakras are imbalanced, energy flow is disrupted, creating diseasement="dis-ease". Dis-ease can be caused by many factors of Trauma. It may be an illness, emotional/mental, physical Trauma. Reiki's long history of aiding in healing includes, the body, mind and soul. 
Reiki is not a substitute for appropriate medical treatment!



Complimentary Half Hour Phone Consultation 

One Hour Session $125.00

Two Hour Session  $200.00

Four  One Hour Session Package $480.00 

Six One Hour Session Package $680.00

Eight One Hour Session Package $880.00

Sessions can be done in person, phone or an online platform.


Reiki 1 Class 

  Self-healing, discovering your  higher self. 

Reiki 2 Class 

  Bring healing to others.

Reiki 3 Class 

Achieving your highest potential to bring healing to others through a higher understanding of healing modalities.

Reiki Sessions/ Classes, contact for more information

*My Reiki Sessions Do Not include manipulation of soft tissue!


One Hour Session 


Three Card Spread

Six Card Spread

Twelve Card, (Year) Spread

Sessions can be done in person, phone or an online platform.

When you work with me... you will uncover the Traumatic event; what happened and how it affected you mentally/physically/emotionally, and what you are still holding on to! 

Rave Reviews from Healed Clients

As a Life Mastery Coach/Healer, I’m passionate about helping others and guiding them into a new phase of their lives. I work hard on developing a personal, open and transparent relationship with my clients, and what they say about my services is incredibly important to me. Read the testimonials below to get an idea of the experiences that past clients have had with my services, and get in touch with me today.



"Melissa the reading I had today was very true to what is going on in my life, I also liked the approach of using three decks the same but more details that came to the same end in a different way. Thank you for the help to look at things in a different way that was helpful."


"The best thing I have done for myself was going to see Melissa! She made me understand the different outlooks of dealing with my situations in life. She is so easy to talk to and puts you first. I fell so much better after seeing Melissa and I appreciate all she has done for me! Do yourself a favor and let her help you if you are struggling with anything!"


"Melissa is an intuitive and extremely talented coach and healer. Her insight and compassion has helped me through many rough times. One of her most amazing traits is that you always have her 100% attention -when Melissa is working with you, the rest of the world is on pause and she is completely and totally tuned in to YOU! You don't get that with other coaches! Thank you Melissa- and by the way you are ALWAYS SPOT ON!


Melissa, I would like to thank you for your time with me for Reiki and Life Coaching Sessions. I feel much better and look forward to our next sessions to come. I would highly recommend Melissa for her wonderful healing work and her knowledge of Reiki and Life Coaching Skills. She is a very caring and giving person. She is truly talented and dedicated to helping others. If you are having struggles with your life, please get the wonderful healing work that Melissa has to give. Very Grateful!


Although I had voiced no particular question prior to my reading, Melissa was able to pinpoint my current life concerns with incredible accuracy! She is a gifted reader who offers respectful, non-judgmental insights with unmistakably accurate precision. There is no question in my mind that as a Life Mastery Coach, she could assist someone in making the changes  needed to make to bring their life into more alignment with their true self. I encourage you to contact Melissa to have a reading or Coaching session, with easy access now available on Zoom, in the comfort of your own home! Thank you Melissa for doing what you do! With Great Respect, Phee

I love hearing back from my clients, so please share your feedback.

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