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Melissa Peshka


Fort Myers, FL, USA


Blogs Of My Own Experiences...

I hope you enjoy reading these blogs. Sharing with you all what I have grown through. I too, have experiences that try my patience and ones that bring light to sometimes dark times... Sharing Good Times as well!

Wouldn't it be cool if...

Wouldn't it be cool if..... you had the life you dream of... you could quiet the background mind chatter... you Took that first step to change your life... What would come from that? Taking that first step?! You will always fail if you don't take that step and try!! I promise you that not trying will result in failure. Even trying, you can fail! It's when you Give Up that you fail. As long as you are "doing" that you will have success. And what constitutes success? Is it when you live free from worry...Is it when you have a huge bank account...Is it when you are at your ideal weight... Maybe in your eyes yes but, you will always have the background noise chatter. Success is when you free you
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