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Melissa Peshka...

I grew up the youngest of four kids in a middle-class family in the Northeast. Mom was a stay-at-home mother while Dad sometimes held two jobs. They did their best to give us a great life and sometimes it was great. But, like many families, my family had a darker side. There were many arguments over money and my mom's drinking problem. My mother struggled with addiction, depression and control issues. Maybe you can relate?...

As a child, I was confused, suffered from low self-esteem and a lack of confidence. What I wasn't getting from my family I was feeding with food. Food became my best friend and resulted in my being very overweight. Feeling like I wasn't enough or like other kids,  affected my self-acceptance. As I grew older, weight became less of a problem and my confidence increased... or so I thought. Senior year, I fell for someone I thought was my dream mate. We married in our very early 20's. It wasn't long before I discovered my "perfect" husband was very much like my mom. His arrogance, constant criticism and lack of support plunged me back into those familiar feelings of not being enough. To cope, I adopted my Dad's way of handling this difficult relationship; "don't rock the boat". Today I understand that is just another way of saying "don't upset the person who can cause the most emotional upset" or "it's probably my fault so the best way to handle it is to agree". It was easier at the time than dealing with the conflict that was most definitely coming. Most of the time I was just confused and wondered what it was that I was doing to create such anger.  I turned again to my body, once again believing that if I got a handle on my appearance, things would change. I worked out as often as I could and started eating very little. It felt like the only thing I could truly control. My eating disorder was my response to external criticism, disapproval and the need to be loved.  I stayed in my unhappy marriage for 26 years. I convinced myself,"I'd never survive without him". I worried about finances, being a single mother and being alone. For a long time, I accepted the blame for my husband's unhappiness. I gave birth to two beautiful children but obsessed over the fact that I gained over 100lbs each pregnancy. I always worked hard to lose the weight believing it would change things.  Of course, over the years, our marriage just worsened. It seemed to escalate when my husband became a State Trooper. And ultimately, he cheated on me. However, at some point along the way I realized I, along with my son , was being verbally abused. I decided I needed help and started therapy with a counselor. This would prove to be a pivotal decision.  At this same time, I was introduced to Reiki Spiritual Healing. It was a combination that helped me to gain the courage to take charge of my a healthy way. Peace and clarity offered me a truthful look at myself and my situation. My intuition was becoming stronger and at 41 years old, I was learning to trust myself for the first time. It was an awakening that was long overdue.  This story has a happy ending. I finally left the man who was abusive and unfaithful to me. With the help of a great lawyer, a powerful counselor and a healer, I was able to find a way to stay in my home with my children, secure financial support and regain my sense of self-worth and self-love. It was exhilarating! I have even found new love, relocated to beautiful Florida and have a great life with my fiance` and kids.  Today I am a Reiki Master/Teacher and Life Mastery Coach in my own right, helping all who struggle with the same story as I did. I had great help in finding the strength, resources and courage to make a change in my I am passionate about helping you do the same!


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Melissa Peshka

Fort Myers, FL, USA