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Wouldn't it be cool if...


Wouldn't it be cool if.....

you had the life you dream of...

you could quiet the background mind chatter...

you Took that first step to change your life...

What would come from that? Taking that first step?! You will always fail if you don't take that step and try!! I promise you that not trying will result in failure. Even trying, you can fail! It's when you Give Up that you fail. As long as you are "doing" that you will have success. And what constitutes success? Is it when you live free from worry...Is it when you have a huge bank account...Is it when you are at your ideal weight... 

Maybe in your eyes yes but, you will always have the background noise chatter. Success is when you free your mind of all the worry and fears you encounter every day! 

Now I'm not saying you won't worry, you will, but you won't be Afraid! You will be able to effectivly handle the worry in a way that doesn't consume your life. 

So I ask you, What would your life look like if you took that first step to change your life?

How hard would it be? Probably not so easy, but would it be worth it?

I sat with the idea of a divorce for years, yes years. I worried daily how my life would be. It wasn't till I took that first step, I like to call it a Leap, that I decided it didn't matter. I was going to do it and whatever the universe had in store for me I would deal with. I would make my own choices to make the life I wanted. Guess what? It was tough as hell!! But I kept taking steps and I made it across the road! And let me tell you, This Grass is Beautiful!!  

My life has ups and downs but I have learned how to handle and deal with them. I wouldn't change a thing . The lessons I learned were well worth it! 

I want you to think what is going on right now in your life and what you want to change....

Why havn't you made a change? What is stopping you...?

Think about your life across the street....Beautiful isn't it!!

So take that first step...


Essential Life Mastery Coaching and Healing


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