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Is Your Life Working With Your Current Plan....

So is your life working with your current plan? YES? Great! Keep doing what you're doing! If NOT... Well then, time to clean out! Ask yourself, "what is my plan? What do I like about it and is that working?" "What don't I like about it and why isn't it working?"

Creating a new plan is like cleaning out your closet. If it doesn't fit, why keep it? If I haven't worn it or love it, why keep it? Get rid of it all!! Make room for the "new". Once all the "junk" is gone, decide what style you like? What am I comfortable in? What colors? Fitted or free flowing?

So to bring this into your life...

Is my life fitting comfortably to my liking? What doesn't feel comfortable? Let's face it we all want comfort, wether it's clothes or life itself. Maybe you don't like how you look, Your hair, find a stylist and get it cut and colored! Your weight, find an exercise and eating plan and change it! Or maybe it's your relationship. Relationship with yourself? Why? What about yourself don't you like? Are you too giving...feel like a doormat? Where can you get stronger? Are you too shy? Scared to go out and meet new people, experience new things? Why? What's the worst that can happen? If you choose a place that resonates with you and like minded people... you might just make a friend!! Keep your heart open!!

Is it your relationship with a significant other? Why? What's making you question this? Break it down... Has there been changes to the dynamics or the person? Or did it just get boring?

Relationships suffer for many reasons. The beginning it's all new and exciting! You are learning about each other... Then the newness wears off and you get comfortable. That Word! Comfortable!!! It's good and bad! Comfy clothes: Yes! Comfy relationship, depends. It's good to be comfortable with someone to be vulnerable, if the dynamics are good. Vulnerable is being able to be yourself, ahha! Is that the issue?? Is it yourself that you are not happy with? Alone or with someone? If being yourself causes issues, with someone or with you, then now is the time to evaluate! Have you changed to fit a mold for that person? If so, then you will have a resistance to that in your inner soul! If it was for yourself... Then that person might have trouble adjusting to the "new you".

Either way there is something troubling you to seek out answers. Being deep in touch with our inner soul leads us to make great strides as long as we follow our hearts' plan.

See we humans have a really wonderful gift called Free Will!

It enables us to make our own choices. We are free to accept what is in front or behind us! Or we can choose to move lateral. Moving forward seems to have the most options for us, back, well, we've been there! Lateral, is just movement!

Get in touch with your inner soul! Find a mentor or coach to partner with and figure out what's not working in your plan and make a New One!

WARNING: This Will Be Tough and Will Take Courage!

REST ASSURED: Doing This Will Cause you To Find The Peace and Joy You've Been Searching For!!

Blessings Everyone!

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