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Fake it Till You Make It!!

We can put a smile (fake) on our face. Look, act and pretend everything is ok.... We post on Face Book or Instagram all the fantastic stuff... But really... life sucks on the inside! But we pretend and go about our life and say one day things will get better. Once this happens or that happens. Or we get conditioned to believe "this" is how it's supposed to be... We see all the fabulous posts on line and think, "wow they got a great life". Well....not everyone lives in real life how they live on line... I might not have a career if they did! Can you imagine what the world would be like if every one was miserable and admitted it...? What would we compare our lives to? Oh She's less miserable than I am so it's ok.

We are programed to pretend! All the way back to our ancestors. "Speak when spoken to" and "be seen but not heard". Ever come across old photos, notice none of them are smiling??? Pictures speak a thousand words.... What would have happened if your great grandmother spoke her mind to her parents or husband....? Probably wouldn't have been a good thing. Now a days we call that Domestic Violence. Back then it was respect... Jezzzzzzz I'd be beat all the time!!haha Any way... My point is why fake your feelings? Why not get in touch with your self and figure this out? Just feeling like something is off or missing from your life?? Well if it brought you to question it than there most likely is. We push these feelings down so far for fear of upsetting someone or something. What's the worst that could happen? You might find joy and peace... are we so worried about others that we put our own needs aside for their sake? During Reiki sessions most often the Chakras that are blocked are the Throat, Solar Plex and Sacral. Why? Well we don't feel our needs are being met, Sacral. We don't feel we have any control over this, Solar. Then ultimately we don't speak what we are really thinking and feeling... Throat. It's the 20th century and some still believe we can't speak our truth!! How do I know this? I LIVED IT!! And I changed it! I lived for years feeling "off". Like something was missing. From the outside I had a great life. Beautiful house, great kids,(they still are), a husband who provided for his family...nice cars, my own business....yada yada yada... But honestly I was miserable! I decided to take the leap and change all that! I became strong and spoke my truth! And look I'm hear to talk about it!! Wow amazing!! And guess what? I'M HAPPY!!! I had the guidance to help me "SEE". Looking back it was a tough transition. Very emotional. I lost friends. But I learned so much about myself and life! I see what a precious gift it is! Now when I have those feelings again, and yes you will still, only now I know how to quickly engage in them and work thru them! What's making me feel lack? And usually it's because, I was maybe feeling sorry for myself, I had an unexpected expense and my finances were screwed up or maybe I got into a fight with my fiance or friend... But when you are doing this work, you realize that ultimately it comes back to who YOU are and what triggers you. What triggers your response to others or what is happening around you. Notice I didn't say TO you? Yes things happen Around you!! You can let it upset You or work thru it. It's called "Independence From Self!"

Find and Celebrate Your Independence!!

Blessings to you all!!

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