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Where's my respect?

All human beings require some level of respect. When we feel we aren't getting it, we retreat. Respect is earned. If you feel lack... ask yourself, Are you giving? We all gage our respect on how others give it. When feeling like you give so much respect and are feeling lack from someone, ask! The other person might feel that they respect the hell out of you but you are feeling less than respected. Explain what your respect expectations are to the other person. Their level might not be as high as yours. Or they may think what you feel disrespected about isn't a big deal. It's important to realize what matters the most to one might not be the case in someone else. That alone is Respect! Like Aretha said, "Find out what it means to me!".

You can't blame someone for disrespecting you without letting them know what bothers you. Listening and talking are the essential keys to working through it! Also you must be honest with someone if what their wishes for respect are not something you are comfortable with, then you will have to come to a compromise. When in a relationship, whether it's romantic, career or even platonic, there needs to be some level of respect. If you try and the respect aspect is still plaguing your relationship then something else needs to be done. If disrespect continues then resentment will settle in and get comfortable. Two's company... Three's a crowd! Once the resentment rules the roost, next time the other person feels disrespected... look out! BAMM! Here comes resentment! I know you can hear it now... another funny! "You Scratch my back, I'll Scratch yours!" That's great if you keep doing that! But the one day it's only scratch My back.... and nothing else... That is when you say, "Hey what about my back?" Fix it at that moment! If not you will hear about it at another time, I promise you! Don't Store up your gripes till you need them. It doesn't work well that way. Deal with the issue on hand and clear that up first. Then it can be brought up that " now that we have that fixed, Can we talk about something else?" A human can only take so much at one time, yet everyone wants their time on stage. Again, Huh, Respect!!

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