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When Life Hits Hard...

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

So you are going through your life and seems to be going at a good speed... then Crash! Something hits Hard! You feel like you take one step forward then 100 steps back, it sends you down a spiral into depression. Then just when you get over that step Bam another one hits! This one sends you even further down. You feel, "there's no hope, I can't get up from this one!" Well you get up and move along but now you are almost zombie like, just going through the motions of life. But you got it! Then... yup another blow!! WTF?? You ask, "how much can one person take?"

Well it isn't what is happening "To you" but happening around you! These setbacks as we call them, happen around us for some universal reason to learn! Oh yea these Suck Big Time!! Trust me this happened in my life! And still is. I just learn to look at the situations differently. So January 2019 started with a ticket going through a yellow light! If you have ever driven here in Florida, You will understand. Traffic is crazy here. But anyway while the officer was getting my ticket ready, I was sitting in my car cursing him out and all of a sudden I heard a voice saying "he just saved your life!" Ha yea right I thought! This is gonna suck! And right back to cusing him out I went! Again I heard the voice, "HE JUST SAVED YOUR LIFE!" Boy when the universe wants you to hear something they get it through! There was no rational mind in my body at that moment to rationalize the stop, Had to be a gift from my angels! Sounds crazy right... Well who knows I might have gone a mile down the road and gotten hit and killed, so I figure my life was definately worth the $300 that process cost me. Then my car is damaged by someone I contracted to Fix it. After over 7 months of small claims court, on my last effort now, I have a decision if I want to continue the fight and spend more money to fight. To be continued... Then another January and another ticket... Ugh now for a left turn out of my daughter's school. Apparently the school changed the rules and put up a sign with no mention to us parents and long story short, they screwed up and the ticket might not hold up. But what is coming out of all this is, the school is now implimenting better practices for a safer environment! Well that's the moral to that lesson! Also to be continued...

Moral to all of this is I let myself get into a huge depression and had no motivation to work or even play. I got sick and was exhausted! I did what I needed to do and that was Stop! I took a day, or two, to regroup! It isn't easy I will admit! I had to take a step away from myself and look at everything differently. We all go through tough times and make it. Then life goes well and we forget how tough we can be when neccessary. No one ever said life is easy. If you see people who seem like their's is... They might just know how to deal! Get close and learn from those people! They have the keys. The old cliche`, "Everything happens for a reason" really is true! You have to ask yourself how important is it? How will all this make me feel? How much will it cost me? and Do I have the energy to fight? What it means to you will help you to decide. The first ticket, I felt was a gift, The car, well right now I'm waiting for the last step then I think I've made my decison where I will take it, and this last ticket, well I felt I was right and easily did research to find answers to the questions I had to prove my point so I feel that was the way to go. Making the decison to investigate the situation is a good way to go. If the answers come to you easily, that might be a sign that you are on the right track. Plus you learn something along the way. I have learned so much over the years with all the research I have had to do. Knew I should have gone to law school...

So just remember when Life hits Hard it might have a good reason for it! Step back and breathe! Ask what this means to you or those around you. Something good might just come out of this. Things change in the world after tradegy happens. MADD started after mothers lost their children to drunk drivers. So my friends good things can come from trouble times.

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